Five Things that are Healthier the Natural Way

“The closer you get to the way God made it,” someone once told me, “the healthier it is.” With the exception of raw meat–I’d rather not host parasites, God-given or not–I’ve found this to be increasingly true over time.

Here’s a list of 5 things that are healthier when done naturally. Things I hadn’t even thought of until I took time away from philosophy to think about them.


1) Food

Well, duh. You might think. Of course natural food is better. Anything with corn syrup or sugar isn’t going to be too healthy. My personal revelation, however, has very little to do with waist-lines and diet plans. I recently realized that the way something is (or is not) cooked has a huge impact on its nutrition.

There are a few foods, like garlic and spinach, which seem to be healthier when uncooked. Yet there are others, like fish and meats, that need to be grilled in order to rid it of parasites or fat.

It amazes me that choosing either to steam or boil your dish could have a different impact on the nutritional value!

Not only that, but local grown food seems to be the healthier choice. Local grown foods (like local honey) can help build an immunity to pollen during allergy season and are free from foreign bacteria and parasites that might sneak into food flown from place to place.

Eating local grown or caught food also may help suffering fish and animal populations in the long run. Several species of fish are going extinct due to over fishing. Perhaps sticking to our local fish for a while may give them the chance to flourish again?


2) Hair Colour

Deciding to go blonde over the summer was a terrible idea. Not only did I have trouble pulling it off, but my hair was left insanely damaged.


After murdering my hair by dying it the day after to cover up the mistake, I found out that there is a range that needs to be considered when dying hair. You need to dye within three shades of your natural colour.

So for someone like me, someone born with dark brown hair, going blonde is a terrible idea. Conditioner’s been able to slightly ressurect my hair and I’ve learned a lot from the experiment, sure, but it seems like hair has its own limits and I, for one, am going to be loathe to push past them again.

(Not to say that you shouldn’t dye past three shades of your natural colour. Just be sure to look into it and or get a stylist’s help. Hair is actually very important in people’s perception of you–believe it or not–and so it’s very important to care for it properly.)


3) Communication

I hate talking on the phone or in person–I’m an introvert that way, I suppose. The interesting thing, however, is that talking over text or e-mail is much more difficult.

At first, you would probably disagree. I know several people who argue that over text and e-mail they’re able to say things they would never say in person. They know some people better over the internet than they do in person. That may be true, of course, but there is a catch to texting and e-mailing: you don’t get to see a person’s facial expression.

A person’s facial expression, or the tone of their voice, are very important. They help us to judge and to understand the person with whom we are interacting with.

But wait. You might say. I don’t want to judge anyone! That’s not right.

Unfortunately, despite what we preach about judging others, our brains automatically judge and categorize them so that we can make subconscious decisions toward them.

Do I trust this person? Are they dangerous? Are they approachable? Are they like me?

No matter how hard we try, we will always analyze these questions and more when meeting a person–often subconsiously.

A great deal of how we make this judgement is actually by appearance. Studies show that people who mirror other people’s actions while interacting them are actually seen positively. Also, certain facial features (such as pinched browns or frowns) can be precieved as aggressive despite a person’s actions.

In e-mail and text, however, we can’t see the person and so we run into the danger of making up the facial expressions–or sometimes even their appearance.

This is why you may have a misunderstanding with a friend over a text you wrote. You might write a long invitation to a party and she’ll write back, “k.” Not knowing her expressions or actions–or even how she says this–you may think that she’s being aloof and disinterested. Perhaps she’s insanely busy, though. Or what if she has a horrible phone for texting?


4) Exercise

The note here isn’t just that “exercise is healthy and you should do it.” I already knew that.

What I found interesting was that certain exercises, such as swimming and running, are seen as healthier for you. Most of the articles I read, also, suggested treadmill or running outside as opposed to machines. Perhaps this is because they’re more natural?

Another thing I found is that exercise alone isn’t what burns calories. It’s the time you spend sedentary versus the time you’re up and moving. Sitting still for too long doesn’t seem good for you. So stretching every once in a while or taking a walk or playing with your dog are better choices than watching a day-long Law and Order Marathon (as much as I love Law and Order: Criminal Intent… 😦 )


5) Beauty

The more I read about beauty tips, the more I learn that natural is the best way. Certain makeup can massacre your skin and styling your hair tends to damage it–unless you use heat-protectant spray, I suppose?

There’s nothing wrong with dressing up, in my opinion, but what I’ve been learning is that we need to give our bodies some time off every once in a while.

Not only that, but a big part of beauty seems to be caring for oneself. I always thought that “Beauty Sleep” was a joke, a myth, but it’s actually true. The skin needs time to recover and it does this while sleeping. So a lack of sleep actually damages your appearance.

Also, eating healthy is a big part of hair and skin care. So far, the main suggestions for healthy eating with regard to improving the hair and skin seem to be fish and nuts.

It also amazes me that many beauty specialists advocate smiling and laughing daily. Apparently the body and the soul are closer connected than Descartes may have proposed. 🙂


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