A Christian Guide to Changing the World

It is a universally accepted fact that no one is completely satisfied with the world as it is. There is always something wrong, something broken–no matter your beliefs or political affiliation. This is one of the reasons why people are always pushing for change or advancement.

We aren’t satisfied with the world we have.

Now, that’s certainly not a bad thing since this world–in the Christian perspective–is broken and we are awaiting the coming of a new–perfect–world. Of course, this opinion becomes a bad thing if the response to it is moping. You can’t just complain that the world isn’t perfect–you have to, at least, try to change it. But how do you change the world in a Christian way?

Through God, of course.

Although, it isn’t fair to pray for a few seconds, sit on your couch, watch television and then complain that God isn’t answering your prayers. There’s a part of the work you have to do too.

You have to observe.

Look at nature, look at pre-existing work in your field–regardless if it’s Christian or not. God is the Lord of all creativity, of all nature, and He makes Himself known in all things–even if his reflections in these broken mirrors is perverted. It is then your job to pull God out of this perversion, dust Him off, and allow Him to shine with the original strength He intended.

Take, for example, Doctor David Hyde’s attempt to change the world through Zebrafish. For years, Hyde was searching for a cure for macular degeneration but he found a possible cure in the strangest place: in Zebrafish. Unlike human retinas, Zebrafish retina repair themselves when damaged. By noticing the curious ability that God gave these fish and through researching them, Hyde could be able to change the world.

God gave us all the materials we need to turn the world on its head, we just need to be diligent in seeking for them.



  1. Alex Jones said,

    July 19, 2012 at 22:03

    Change the self and the ripples of those changes will change the world.

  2. EFoley said,

    July 20, 2012 at 01:46

    Zebrafish, burning bush–there’s a pattern in there somewhere in the way God hides and yet discloses…

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